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Ali Scarlett is a #1 national bestselling author, entrepreneur, and avid researcher of the art of networking based in Maryland, USA.

His site, www.aliscarlett-author.com, helps young individuals who struggle with the achievement of their goals.

You can also connect with Ali on Instagram @iamaliscarlett and on LinkedIn at Ali Scarlett.

He’s an enthusiastic (but terrible) pool player and is the co-owner of a professional cleaning company that has received numerous awards from digital marketplaces. His company connects home and business owners to cleaning professionals.

He will also occasionally make a mean Jamaican-style dish.

Ali has studied the work and strategies of multiple networking experts including (but not limited to) Bob Littell, Ramit Sethi, and Dorie Clark.

He spent three years in recovery from complications regarding his health before regaining enough strength to dive deeper into the networking world in 2018.

#1 National Best Seller

The Clever Connector

Learn How To Build Relationships with Billionaires, CEOs, and Celebrities Without Being Rich or Famous — Inside The Clever Connector by Ali Scarlett.


“I have many goals, but my only purpose is to empower others to where they can avoid the pitfalls I fell into when I didn’t know what I know now. If that’s something you support, I’m asking you to work with me to get The Clever Connector out into your community.” – Ali Scarlett

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Man, of all I’ve read, your book is AWESOME!
Every time I started reading a passage, it drew me in like crazy.
I think it’s a great mix of personal stories that catch people’s attention, plus great content with practical steps that will truly help the readers.
Mix in a motivational story like the one you share, and you’ve got a perfect package.

– Lucio Buffalmano

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