By ali Scarlett

The Clever Connector


Ali Scarlett’s book explores the art of networking by answering questions such as: How can I build relationships with the powerful decision-makers I need to advance my career? How can I achieve all of my goals without having to spend a single dollar? How can I attract billionaires, executives, and celebrities into my social circle when I’m broke?

BestSelling Author

Ali Scarlett

Ali Scarlett is a #1 national bestselling author, entrepreneur, and avid researcher of the science of networking. He has studied the likes of professional sociologists, applied psychology researchers, and other business networking experts when defining his methods.

To help himself and others so we can achieve personal empowerment, Ali uses helpful information as the pathway to achieving more — by applying and sharing all of the wisdom he acquires as a lifelong student of personal and professional development.

You can read his book The Clever Connector for more.

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I really enjoyed this book, particularly learning more about how the author came to learn how ‘power’ and the perception of others believing you have power, leads to them valuing you more. The action steps at the end of each chapter help turn this topic into clear actionable tasks, something I enjoyed instead of just passively reading. I’m glad I grabbed this book!

– Lise Cartwright


What a fun and quick read from someone that has succeeded in the industry. He walks you through people in high power positions having the best success with marketing while at the same time talking about how our perception dictates our reality. A definite recommendation to anyone looking to build themselves up through the power of networking.

– Dillon Barr


The description for this book doesn’t even begin to describe how valuable it is. On the surface, you’ll get a lot of great networking tips and best practices to position yourself for a successful career. Below the surface is a story of perseverance and triumph! This book is a great motivator. I highly recommend it for college and high school students!

– Jake Gunnoe

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